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Our Process

Client Centered

“We take great satisfaction knowing that our clients are able to have an increased ability to focus on their family, career, and hobbies because they know that we are diligently overseeing their finances.”

  1.  Our first meeting- in person, by phone or virtually

    • In this meeting we get to know you what really matters to you. What are the values that drive you? What do you aspire to? What concerns or hesitations do you have? What are your short term and long-term goals? What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What things are the most important to you, and what unique financial situations do you currently have in your life or anticipate? From here we begin to create what the path looks like to achieving your financial success.  
  2. Life Plan and Road Map design

    • With the information you shared during our first meeting we get to work on designing a plan specific to you and achieving the financial goals you set forth. 
  3. Our second meeting- in person, by phone or virtually 

    • This is the meeting where the plan hits the path. We will walk you through the plan we designed and make any adjustments as we both see fit. We want you to be confident that the plan we built specifically to your needs, goals, and desires will get you to where you envision being. 
  4. Implantation

    • Here is where we put all the pieces of the puzzle together for you to start your journey. We will do all of the heavy lifting and make starting down this new exciting journey as easy as possible on you. We will take care of all the paperwork and necessary details.  
  5. Maintain the plan

    • This is the most important part of our process. We’re here to keep you accountable, focused and committed to accomplishing your goals and we ask you to do the same. We’ll keep a close eye on your plan, connect with you on an ongoing basis through scheduled review meetings and make adjustments as needed to keep you on track.